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The magnetic snap button can hold over 8 pounds of pull force weight as seen on our test video of holding a gallon of water! The magnetic snap button allows for a silent quick draw capable of less than .05 seconds. Much faster than velcro and hook type holsters. 


It is easy to forget you have this holster on! Perforated holes on the inside of Quick Draw Holster allow your body to stay cool while wearing for long hours. This allows athletic users to wear while working out. The holster is also washable! And made of high quality neoprene.


Don't buy different holsters for your collection of pistols! The Quick Draw Holster fits most all makes and models of pistol manufacturers. 


Money Back Gurantee

NO HASSLE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We know you'll love our products as much as we do, If for any reason you're not 100% SATISFIED, let us know and our customer service team will make things right: full refund or a free replacement, whichever you prefer.

Every Holster Inspected

Every Quick Draw Holster is hand inspected to assure quality assurance. The Magnetic snap button, pockets, threading and size of the holster is inspected. Then the holster is labeled passed quality inspection with the inspectors ID number.   


Free Shipping to your door in the USA! 


The company is passionate about providing the best gun holster for concealed carry for undercover police officers, members of the military, Secret Service, CIA, FBI, ICE, or anyone who needs to conceal unnoticed, stay comfortable for very long hours, or the ability for a quick silent draw to not lose the gun fight. The Quick Draw Holster, Magnetic has recently gone through 3 months of testing with the US Army. Many holster companies have taken advantage of customers by creating many different models of holsters that are limited to certain size calibers, manufactures, and right or left hand users. Many holsters use velcro or hook type attachments. We found in one of our video demonstrations by accident the hook type used on a competitors holster caught on the slide of the pistol while attempting to draw the firearm from the holster. The competitors holster is also difficult to unlatch when under clothing. With all of these problems and more, the Quick Draw Holster was created by Edward, 12 year Military veteran, NRA Firearms instructor, and Battalion Top Gun in the USN. Many holster makers or sellers try to pass off their holsters as the best, but we truly believe you will find the Quick Draw Holster to be the most effective, efficient and comfortable concealed carry holster that your hard earned money can buy. Because we made it to work for you! 


The first design and vision of Quick Draw Holster Creation

This is an actual original drawing by Veteran Edward H, of Quick Draw Holster, Magnetic before production.

First Prototype Quick Draw Holster

Here is the first prototype of Quick Draw Holster becoming a reality from one man's vision.

Quick Draw Holster becomes available for customers to enjoy

Quick Draw Holster, Magnetic becomes available to customers and sold all over the USA! The last holster you will ever need. Hope you enjoy.

Professional Endorsements

As a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, NRA pistol instructor/range safety officer, as well as a concealed carry holder, having the right pistol holster is extremely important. I have used several different styles of holsters over the twenty plus years as a United States Marine, each having their strengths and drawbacks.


The holster I currently use is the Quick Draw Holster. This low profile holster is extremely comfortable to wear due to the wide width of the breathable neoprene body band and wears like a second skin. It does not silhouette itself under your clothes and fits any body shape without having to order a specific size. The hook and loop closure keeps the holster in place and allows the wearer to position their pistol in any area around the circumference of their body. From front to back, left or right hand, no special orders for a left-hand shooter. The detachable magazine pouch is large enough to accommodate spare magazines or can double as a cell phone holder. Two of the most important aspects of this holster is it can accommodate any pistol from sub-compact to full frame. It also has an elastic magnetic closure that runs across the back strap keeping the firearm in place. The magnetic closure aids in faster draws when pulling the pistol from the holster. No more fumbling with snaps or velcro closures that require two fingers to open. No more metal hook closures that have to be pulled down and out in order to open the holster. The magnetic closure on the Quick Draw Holster can be operated with the flick of the thumb allowing the wearer to open and draw in one continuous motion.


The quick draw holster is an innovative design that should be considered by anyone considering a holster, whether carrying concealed or not. I endorse Quick Draw Holster.  

Edward T Butler,   Gunnery Sergeant,   USMC Retired    

      Absolutely the best holster I have ever had. I have a Desert Eagle 44 and was having a hard time finding something that was comfortable for me. I went to many dealers to find a good holster. I even considered having one specially made which would have cost me hundreds. Then I found this one. Hands down the best holster I own. I use it for all my handguns.

Thank you Quick Draw for your help and great customer service! 

Michael Hall, Lieutenant, USN

 "I have never seen anything like it. It is absolutely the best-developed holster that makes sense. The magnetic snap button is simple, yet pure genius." 

 I endorse Quick Draw Holster.    

William T. Chatfield,   Gunnery Sergeant   USMC Retired